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Medieval Vanilla

Terms of Agreement
By purchasing an item on Medieval Vanilla you are agreeing to following all the rules and terms of compliance found on our discord server and Failure to do so may result in the removal of your account from our server(s) and does not leave you eligible for refunds.
The Medieval Community

Medieval Vanilla Server Rules
Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines apply.

General Rules
No griefing bases or scamming players
No toxicity or starting drama
No politics, religion or sexuality in chat
No impersonation of staff or other players
Bypassing chat moderation will result in punishment
No spam/flooding chat
Swearing allowed within reasonable moderation in chat, not geared towards other players
Be respectful and ethical
No inappropriate builds
No traps allowed
No alts
No server advertising

Build Rules

No flying machines or other items that break intended minecraft playstyle

No invasive, obnoxious or troll claims/builds

No AFK pools or other auto-bypassing AFK limit methods

No inappropriate builds

Lag Rules
No more than given villagers QTY within a 6x6 chunk area with 1 chunk of spacing between.
4 max spawners per farm with an chunk between each |x| | | |x| [Two farms may NOT be active at the same time]
50 Max hoppers TOTAL in 5 chunks. This means that starting from any chunk that hoppers are in and counting another 5 chunks in any direction, there may not be more than 50 hoppers. This includes any hopper intensive machines such as a super-smelter.
Max 25 hoppers per smelters [1 smelter in 5 chunks]
Max 25 villagers in trading hall (May not be next to breeder)
Max 10 villagers per breeding farm (May not be next to trading hall)

Max 3 withers per 8 chunks

25 villagers TOTAL within 6 chunks. This means that starting from any chunk where you have villagers, and counting another 6 chunks in each direction, there must be no more than 25 villagers
No flying machines or lag contraptions

Redstone Rules
Rules apply within a 2x2 chunk area with 1 chunk of spacing. Active QTY is defined as # of blocks activated within a 15 second period. If redstone ticks exceed 5k you may be asked to alter the build.
Max 40 active redstone blocks combined (e.g. hoppers, pistons, droppers etc) within a 3x3 chunk space.
Active Redstone means being powered and/or unpowered within a 15 second period.
Max 20 combined of repeaters, comparators or redstone lamps in one chunk

*No entity cramming (forcing too many entities into a given area, e.g. cows, boats etc glitching out).
Mob limit per block is limited to 8 (usually 24). This means that mobs will die if more than 8 are in the same space. You may not set up a farm intended to work via this mechanic.
125 containers in one chunk (double chest count as two)
Max 15 armour stands in one chunk
Max 50 item frames in one chunk
See lag rules for villager rules.

Instant Bans [Common sense rules, no mercy]
No alts
No autoclickers [temp] or macros [perm]
No hacked clients, flyhacks or kill auras
No x-ray textures or cheats of any kinds
Hate Speech not allowed [Racism, etc]
No Server Advertising

Villager trading halls may NOT be open to the public
Nicknames must be related to your minecraft username i.e. CookieSmasher > CookieOverlord

No more than five of any regulated mechanics from Build/Lag/Redstone/Entities. Bans/Warns/Mutes are for your account. It is your account and you are responsible for it, regardless of who broke the rules on the acc.
Selling items, warps or other Medieval Vanilla related products for real world currency not related to Medieval Vanilla is not permitted on the server.

If evidence is found that may break one or more of these rules, counter measures may be taken to eliminate the possibility of occurrence.

Staff will not rollback vanilla mistakes made by players or other mechanics. They are not obligated to assist on every player's whim or request. It is the job of staff members to maintain peace on the game and ensure the server and it's community run smoothly. Grief, harassment and anything related to the rules are addressed, but reviving Fred the fish because you accidentally ko'd him will NOT happen.

Not following the rules may result in a warning/mute/ban
If you have any questions comments or concerns please don't hesitate to contact any of the staff members or owners. Most importantly have fun! - The staff team

Last Updated: January 31st, 2023