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Medieval Vanilla

Terms of Agreement
By purchasing an item on Medieval Vanilla you are agreeing to following all the rules and terms of compliance found on our discord server. Failure to do so may result in the removal of your account from the server and does not leave you eligible for refunds.

Medieval Vanilla Server Rules
Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines apply.

Chat rules:
[1] Be respectful
[2] Be ethical
[3] English only
[4] Don't argue with staff on Minecraft
[5] No trolling, toxicity or drama
[7] No excessive swearing.
No Floodchat
No server advertising
Bypassing chat moderation will result in punishment
No impersonating other players or staff

Lag rules:
[1] Max 100 item frames in a chunk
[2] No entity cramming
[3] Max 4 spawners per farm
[4] Max 50 hoppers in 7 chunks [ex. smelters]
[5] Max 25 hopper per smelter [1 smelter in 5 chunks]
[6] Villager trading halls max 25 villagers
[7] Villager breeders max 10 villagers
[8] No flying machines or lag contraptions

4 max spawners per farm
50 Max hoppers in 7 chunks [Including smelters]
Max 25 hoppers per smelter [1 smelter in 7 chunks]
Max 12 villagers in trading hall
Max 10 villagers per breeding farm
No flying machines or lag contraptions

- No entity cramming
- Max 4 villagers in a single chunk
- Max 12 villagers in a 7x7 chunk area

Block Rules
- Max 2 spawners in one chunk
- Max 125 containers in one chunk (double chest count as two)
- Max 15 armour stands in one chunk
- Max 30 item frames in one chunk
No inappropriate builds
Traps are not allowed

No afk pools
Redstone Rules
- No flying machines
- Max 20 active redstone blocks (e.g. hoppers, pistons, droppers etc)
- Max 20 repeaters, comparators or redstone lamps in one chunk
- Max 40 active redstone blocks in a 2x2 chunk area

No more than three of any restricted mechanics in one chunk (e.g., villagers, spawners, item frames, and redstone). Bans/Warns/Mutes are for your account. It is your account and you are responsible for it, whoever broke the rules on it does not matter.Exploit rules:

Bans:Instant Bans [Common sense rules, no mercy]
No alts
No auto clickers [temp] or macros [perm]
No hacked clients
No x-ray textures or any types of cheats
No Flyhacks or kill auras
Hate speech is not allowed [Racism etc]

Other rules:
[1] Don't use alts
[2] No griefing
[3] No PVP unless both sides agree
[4] Don't setup traps
[5] No invasive, obnoxious or troll claims
[6] Do not spawn destructive mobs near spawn
[7] If you wish to loot a base, ask a staff member
[8] Don't scam players
[4] No afk pools

Not following the rules may result in a warning/mute/ban
If you have any questions comments or concerns please don't hesitate to contact any of the staff members or owners
Most importantly have fun!- The staff team!