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Medieval Vanilla

Terms of Agreement
By purchasing an item on Medieval Vanilla you are agreeing to following all the rules and terms of compliance found on our discord server. Failure to do so may result in the removal of your account from our server(s) and does not leave you eligible for refunds.
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Medieval Vanilla
 is a medium-sized server with simple plugins and a great community. The server launched on January 14th 2020 and since then has grown into a great and safe place to have some fun and relax. There are countless community creations to enjoy and plenty of places to build. There are also multiple markets established for a stable and fair economy run purely by players. We have enough QOL plugins to make the game enjoyable while also protecting the core gameplay.


The items bought through the store take up to 5 minutes to receive in-game and will not be given to the player if he has a full inventory, if for some reason the items fail to be given to the player please message one of the staff members on the server discord.
Please use your Minecraft username not your ingame nickname!